Hello world …

It’s a cliche, it is, my first blog post … Hello, world … but it is so true. I am literally preparing to say hello to the world and embrace the unknown. My amazing partner has secured himself a job as a snowboard instructor in Vermont, USA, and after much deliberation and soul-searching (there wasn’t that much, I really wanted to go) I have decided to take time away from work and travel with him for four months. Yip four whole months … may not seem that long, but for me it is massive … four months of no work, no expectations and nowhere to be at 8am (except maybe the lift line)!!

I have never travelled for an extended period of time, a week here or two weeks there is about the extent of it. I have always wanted to travel don’t get me wrong, I just have never really had myself together enough to figure it all out and make it work. I always had this big grand plan, to finish university, go straight overseas and see the world. It was a great plan!! It just never really worked out and over the years I have found myself, at different times, becoming envious and even a little bitter. I found it hard, seeing friends and family take off around the world living what seemed to be exciting jet-setter lifestyles and experiencing everything I wanted to experience. All the while feeling like I was stuck back here in New Zealand missing out, living a boring mundane day to day life and feeling like it was so unfair that nothing was working out for me.

It’s an easy trap to fall into that one, comparing one’s life to the pictures of someone else’s, feeling hard done by due to the perception of a life that seems better, assuming the world owes you something just because you believe you deserve it. It’s so much easier to blame everyone else than actually stop and look at yourself. The truth is there was nothing unfair about it, it was my crappy decisions and the hellbent desire to live a lifestyle that I thought was cool and edgy that stopped me from travelling sooner. I wasted money on marginal life choices, spent my time wrapped up in petty concerns about what the wrong people thought of me and tried everything I possibly could to be the opposite of what I was raised to be. Needless to say, my inability to grow up and appreciate me for me is what stopped me from travelling sooner, not this crazy unfair force working against me to make it all not happen.

As it stands I am extremely grateful that travel didn’t work out for me sooner, petty immature me would have hated every minute of it, or spent every minute too scared to do anything alone, or spent every minute worrying about what the wrong people thought of her on a bigger worse scale, or spent every minute doing the things she thought she had to do on an OE even though she didn’t want to … you get the point … It would have been an opportunity wasted, unappreciated and it probably would have ended in disaster!!

Now finally, at 31, I find myself in a position to be able to take advantage of this opportunity, to be able to see the things I want to see, to be able to do things I want to do and to be able to travel with the person I want to travel with and really enjoy myself and the experience at the same time.

It has been a long time in the making and I may have taken a little longer to get here, to this place in life, but I am going to enjoy every minute and I invite you to experience it all with me!! I am going to try and blog my way through this trip … starting now as I am finding the realities of packing up one’s life come with their own ups and downs … I promise not all posts will be a novel like this one and I won’t always try to philosophise my past decisions and actions. I will share honest experiences, emotions and photos as I document my first trip of a lifetime …… which I really hope is not my last!

7 thoughts on “Hello world …

  1. Go girl! Wow. What a great read. Nice to know you’re in such an exciting place, but that you have your feet on the ground too. I’m sure your posts will be a fun and insightful read.

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  2. Nice one Em. I like your style and new found sensible pragmatism. This will help you deal with the many, many challenges that travel and living overseas will throw at you and at the same time, allow you to thoroughly enjoy every moment of your adventures. Go for it girl, and through this bold new blog, we can enjoy the whole experience with you. Selamat Jalan

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